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This Body Is Made For Fatshion

Outfit of the Day #54: This Body Is Made For Fatshion
1fatshionforward_ootd54Hey Girl Hey ūüôā¬†Today’s look is based around¬†a white tee but not just any plain old t-shirt. This shirt represents¬†Lane Bryant‘s Campaign¬†called “This Body“. Today I wanted to not only share with you my style but also tell you what my body means to me. I scored this empowering tee from Lane Bryant’s booth during the TCF Style Expo in Georgia this past August.¬†This tee got me thinking about all the things I have accomplished and all the things I want to accomplish with this body. But my number one passion and love is Fat Girl Fashion also known as “Fatshion”. Fatshion led me to the body positivity movement and now I make it my mission to raise awareness in my community for both. ¬†5fatshionforward_ootd54¬†How did I style this tee you’re wondering? I paired white tee with a leopard print skater skirt by Chubby Cartwheels. Skirt features gold freckles in the sea of leopard. Leopard print has always been a neutral print in my book because it pairs so well with everything. I accessorized the look with berry pink faux suede pointed toe flats that matched my tee shirt lettering and lipstick nicely.¬†2fatshionforward_ootd54THIS BODY IS MADE FOR FATSHION.
I love my body. I haven’t always loved it and it has been¬†a challenge¬†that I still sometimes struggle with. But it’s all mine and I no longer apologize for the way I look or what I like to wear. I have learn to love my lumps, bumps, rolls and stretch marks. I have learned to love every pound of me and my self love¬†has become like a bubble around me. People’s words and opinions no matter how sharp can’t pierce through my happiness.¬†My advice to those people still struggling with body image and self love is take it a day at a time, being body positive is not an overnight success. Stop focusing on the negative, focus on the things you love about yourself. Find a new part of your body to appreciate daily. Stop comparing yourself to others, know your worth¬†and never depreciate yourself ! Get your #ThisBody Tee now for only $23, sizes 14 -28 are available. Shirt is true to size I am wearing a 22/24.
3fatshionforward_ootd54I completed this look with some fun accessories from Betsey Johnson. First up a pair of dangle bow earrings that consisted of¬†pink jewels, flowers made of pearls and bronze metal. Last but not least Kitsch¬†Call Me Betsey Phone Crossbody Bag which features a detachable telephone that can you plug into your phone and chit chat when you’re on the go. ¬†Talk about Stylish Technology.

4fatshionforward_ootd54¬†“This my body. I live in it. Love in it. Work it all the way. This body is all me. Every curve, every roll, every inch. This body is with me every day. Through highs and lows. Ups and downs. This is the body I embrace. To those who doubt what my body can do? I say, watch me. I will show you what this body is. Conquer conventions with who I am. This body is beautiful. Resilient. Fierce. Made to turn heads. Start a revolution. Get it on. Go for broke. Honey, this body is made for anything I want.” – Lane Bryant

Shirt: Lane Bryant | Skirt: Chubby CartWheels | Shoes: Charlotte Russe |Lipstick: Wet N Wild | Handbag: Betsey Johnson
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