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Happy Monday Beauties. Today I want to introduce you all to a new beauty positive brand called “Feel“. Feel’s mission is to empower young women and make sure they know that beauty isn’t just about how you look, it’s a feeling. Feel reached about to me about their new products which have all natural ingredients and are vegan safe & 100% cruelty free. I was excited to collaborate with Feel simply because of their awesome mission. I wanted to tell you a little about each of these amazing products that are out now. Their line currently consist of hair spritz, body mousse, a face mask and mist. 


Beachy 4 fl oz. $26

Beachy, can be your new go to styling spray to achieve those effortless shiny beach waves. Beachy is an amazing hair-protective styling spray with a versatile range that is great for various curly hairstyles. Curls are enhanced by advanced polymers which give bounce and add definition to the hair, while Nettle and Sage extracts add strength and shine. Beachy is fresh and wild, and lasts the whole day! Unlike some other hair styling product Beachy is safe for daily use due to it’s natural ingredients. I wear my hair naturally so it’s nice to find products that don’t only focus on styling the hair but also focus on keeping your hair healthy.


Glowing, 6 fl oz + applicator mitt $46

Glowing is the only self-tanning mousse that naturally increases your skin’s ability to generate Melanin. Melanin is the pigment which gives your skin its color. No harsh chemicals on your skin. Zero streaking, ever and it will not transfer or rub off on your clothes.
No need to wash it off! Glowing gives you a tan within 6 hours, that lasts for days. Made with Polyplant Suntan, proven, all natural melanin enhancement for deep, real tans. Unlike other self tanners it smells really good. Plus it comes with a free applicator to guarantee natural looking results every time. You glow girl !


Refreshed, Size: 4 fl oz $33

Say hello to my newest beauty routine addition. I was gifted with the refreshed face mist which can be used bare face or beat face. I must admit with the weather changing it’s hard to keep my skin moisturized. I don’t have anything in my current beauty routine that I can use on my clean bare face as well as with my make up applied. Refreshed is a lightweight skin augmenter that I can’t stop using! Hyaluronic Acid provides hydration and minimizes pores, while different natural extracts give skin a noticeable perky and fresh appearance. I love to spray it on after my morning beauty routine. It is also great for setting your face beat for the day. This face mist tones, tightens and hydrates skin all at once for a flawless beginning or finish. 


Brilliant, 4 Facial Sheet Masks $28

Brilliant facial sheet masks are perfect for personal spa days. It is important to take time out to take care of yourself inside and out, I like to call it me time. During my me time I like to sit in a bubble bath, with music playing and candles lit. Talk about relaxing, all you need is a facial mask to complete the spa experience. This mask uses detoxifying charcoal to remove impurities and leave your skin feeling fresh and clean. It’s made of bamboo fiber that’s spun into a fabric, making it an incredible replacement for a facial at the spa. It’s sold in a box of 4 which is a 1 month supply. Use once a week to ensure smooth, radiant skin. Brilliant removes oil, reduces blemishes and clears clogged pores while toning skin. Apply facial mask to skin and leave on for at least 30 minutes to allow serum to work it’s magic. Remove mask and rub remaining serum into skin.

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