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Travel: Next Stop, Grenada

Hey girl hey last month I stamped my passport and flew to the Island of Spice, Grenada. You can see all the pictures from my trip on my Travel highlight on Instagram. First I took a two hour flight from Orlando International Airport to Miami International Airport at the crack of dawn. The Miami Airport was inspiring with all it’s cool art displays and fun wall hangings. From the Miami International Airport I flew to Bishop International Airport which took about 5 hours.

As far as my airport look, my go to when travelling is comfy and cute. My favorite thing about visiting Grenada was the beautiful views; the beaches, mountains and the culture. Everyone knew each other like one big family. I got my tan on, went swimming, did yoga on the sand and collected glass & shells from the sea to take home. Mementos to meditate I call them.

While I was there I went fabric shopping at L. A Purcell Textile Fabrics Department and a few other small local fabrics shops. I ate the harvest of the island and listen to live music with the locals. I stayed in the village and woke up to sunlight and the sounds of the street traffic, small roads so everyone communicates but horn. I ate mangoes on the daily. I went site seeing to Grand Etang Lake, Annadale Waterfall and had a delicious dinner at the Nutmeg in St.George’s. I met my chef who’s birthday was 2 days after mine #TaurusGang .

Greneda was good to me, I can’t wait to return. Next stop, Trinidad & Tobago !

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