I've made a commitment when this quarantine started to do my best to be productive and contribute to my community the best way I know how...Sewing. After creating hands full of masks here and there for family and friends I decided to continue to produce masks for medical professionals until my supplies had replenished. After seeing so many complaints about raw ears I started making "Earsaver and headbands" as well which features buttons on them to secure your mask loops. Game changer for those who have to wear masks for long hours.

I pledged to complete 100 of each and donate them to local Healthcare professionals. I even supplied to some out of state professionals that were unable to source them locally at a timely manner.  
I am so proud to announce that I have reached my donation. 

1st Milestone Total: 109/100 Masks & 103/100 Headbands/ Earsavers have been delivered. As long as I have the supplies and the demand is there I will continue this mission. Others have seen my commitment and decided to contribute to my efforts. I am now able to double my goal so special thanks you to those who have made donations I wouldn't be able to continue without your generosity. 

2nd Milestone Progress: [136 / 200] Masks & [110 \ 200] Headband/Earsavers.

Thank you all for supporting my small business and my efforts to provide protective gear for people on the front lines. 

To request a Mask/Earsaver set or a lot for your office please contact me at with "Mask Order" in the subject line or via social media.You can find updates and make a donation of your own HERE !!