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Scent Secrets

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I am sharing my scent secrets with you all today. My tips on how to make your fragrance last longer. I love to smell pretty for myself and for my fiancee, so I invest in quality fragrances. My fragrance collection consists of several Juicy Couture and Betsey Johnson scents. I became frustrated because I was splurging for my favorite designer scents and half way through the day the scent would be gone. But then I realized it was me not the perfume, I had been applying my fragrances all wrong. Once I figured out a system that worked I had to share it with you all, time to correct those bad habits.

1. How To Apply

After you’ve opened your pores in the bath or shower, apply a oil based moisturizer or scent-free lotion to help lock in the scent. The moisture helps seal the scent into your skin making it last longer.

2. When To Apply

Believe it or not when you apply your fragrance matters. The best time to apply your perfume is when you fresh out of the shower or bath. Your pores are open from the steam and you want them to inhale the scent.

3. Find Your Hot Spots

Once you’ve showered and moisturized your skin, spritz your pulse points also known as hot spots. Your hot spots are areas where the body generates the most heat. Hot spots include behind the ears, collarbone, inside elbows, belly button, behind the knees and inner wrists.

4. Are You Applying Fragrance Accurately?

Most people are applying their fragrances wrong, I was guilty of this many years. Do you rub your wrists together after spritzing them with perfume?  Most of us apply perfume this way not knowing that we are breaking down the fragrance really fast. You must resist the urge to crush and rub scent.

5. Fragrance Storage

Last but not least, How are you storing your fragrances? Are you aware that heat and light deteriorates perfume? In order to extend your fragrance shelf life make sure to store them in a cool, dry place in the upright position, away from direct sunlight.  

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My Favorite Fragrances

Photo Courtesy of Tumblr

We all like to smell good, we’re girls it’s what we do. But what is that one scent you can’t live without? I’ve been obsessed with Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture for as long as I can remember. It was my first fragrance crush. I don’t know what captivated me more the infatuating smell of it’s scent or the chic, femme bottle design. It’s design has three of my favorite things the color pink, a bow and gold bling. The first time I smelled Viva La Juicy I fell in love and it’s been my favorite fragrance for over 6 years.

Photo Courtesy of Tumblr

So where can you find Viva La Juicy you ask? Well you can find this fragrance at your local Sephora, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Ulta Beauty, Target, or Walmart. Or you can shop for this fragrance online at,,, or Are you a scent bird subscriber? Request Viva La Juicy as your next scent you won’t be sorry.

Photo Courtesy of Tumblr
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