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Selfies: New York Fashion Week

This was only the first year can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year. I met so many talented people. Here are some of my selfie shots with models, guests, & staff at NYFW+ & PNO2015 . P.S. If I missed any shots you took with me send them to my email so they can be featured here.

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Hand Sketches

One of my weekly assignments in my Fashion Design I class is our Design Journal Entries. My instructor gives us an image or lets us pick an inspiration and we must sketch a garments that reference the image.

Building / Landscape

The original image that we were suppose to inspire our design from was a building under construction (bottom right corner). The silhouette of the building made me think of a cinched waist. The brick red rusted metal structure of the building made me think of the “Chromat S/S ’15” (See image on top far right) Collection this past NYFW. I was super excited to brag about Denise Bidot (See center image) being a plus model on the run way for NYFW. My sketch (far left) is a sleeveless LBD with a Sheer Nude Vynl Window in the back. Invisible side zipper to get into garment. Knee length skirt with a black lining features a leather overlay with horizontal stripes all the way around resembling the boning from the Chromat collection. Sketched in just pencil, some notes in ink.

Gerard Chromat Hand Sketch

Something from our bedroom

For this one I selected my favorite perfume “Viva La Juicy” by Juicy Couture. The charm that comes with the fragrance (Charm in Top left corner, image of charm on bottom center ) Is a pink bow with a gold safety pin, letter J with a crown & a nameplate that says “Couture” dangling from gold chains.  Bows, crowns, & the color pink are three of my obsessions so I figured this is the perfect choice for me. I sketched a summer look and a winter look. The summer look (Left) : Strapless bodice with sweet heart neckline, recreated the pink bow with a sheer pink silk over lay.Pencil skirt attached to bodice at the waistline is a hot pink satin with a 1 ” Hem. The summer look is pair with deco peach wedge with beige heels and gold chains at the ankle. Crown resting upon the “J” as a gold dangle earring with a hook. Gold nameplate necklace “Couture”. The winter look features (far right): Knit circle dress with Long sleeves, V-shape neckline, 2″ Sateen Hem. Thick black elastic belt (cinched waist illusion) with gold, safety pin adornment at the closure. Paired with white faux fur box hat, white Ugg boots with faux fur at the opening, and gold chain necklace. Sketched in pencil, colored with Prisma Markers.

Juicy Couture Design Journal,

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Betsey Johnson Ready to Wear Spring 15 Collection “PreNup”

As you know I am a huge fan of Betsey’s work but I respect her so much more for her #NYFW bridal show ’14. She encouraged ALL couples to not be ashamed of them selves or who they love. Be #Proud ! I love the PreNup bits and the “Austin Powers” inspired dollie !

Here are my favorite looks & why.

1:25 – Is is just me or was Marilyn channeled ?  Structure & Color choice for this dress was fabulous ! You know I love pearls I need those accessories !

3:12 – The Austin Power Inspired Dollie

3:36 – That wrap around tutu skirts is so cute !

3:51 – Love the handbag, Bracelet and Necklace !!!!!

4:10 – The silhouette, the structure of the dress, the fabric, all so beautiful. Love bow so I though the small one was very modest. The pearl buttons down the back were my favorite part I was dying when she turned around. And of course the pearls Necklace & Bracelet.

4:45 – The hair bow, the necklace. The model fierce walk then she turns around and there is another. I died again lol

5:20 – Loved this one because of the classic church wedding vibe it has. Love the bishop sleeves and the open V-back

6:35 – I NEED THOSE SANDALS LIKE A.S.A.P. 7 I loved feathers  it was such a soft graceful yet fierce touch.

7:11 – Here comes my favorite lipstick clutch but in a soft pink.

7:47 & 8:26 – The volume of these dresses gave me life & did u see the shoes on the right !

9:03 & 10:03 – I can see Rihanna wearing these !

Watch Here !!!!!!!!!!!

Find pictures of the whole collection Below !


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