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Life Hack: 15 uses for Coconut Oil

15 Reasons why you need coconut oil in your life !



1) For smooth beach ready legs use the coconut oil as shaving cream.

2) For pretty manicures, apply coconut oil to nails for natural shine, growth, and healthier cuticles.

3) Apply to full body to helps heal rashes, sunburn, and even reduces body odor.

4) Apply to lips like gloss for soft and smooth lips, also clears up cold sores.

5) Apply under eyes to reduce puffiness and bags.

6) Helps reduce blemishes, scars, varicose veins, cellulite, and stretch marks !

7) Use it on face like soap for makeup remover.

8) Use as toothpaste, for fresher breath and cavity reduction.

9) Rub on feet in between pedicures to heal and prevent cracking heels and fungal infection.

10) Reduces bug bite irritations !

11)  Use as serum to reduce frizz or as gel for wet styles !

12) Improves sleep, allergies, mental illness, and speeds up weight loss if ingested as supplement.

13) Cures sore throat when you’re feeling sick if used as cough syrup or vapor rub.

14) Use as shampoo to reduce dandruff and then as conditioner to get thicker and shinier hair.

15) Improves dry skin, flaky knees and elbows.

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